Custom Yoga Pant

Custom Yoga Pants

Whether at home or in the studio, our customized yoga pants are designed to help you strike the perfect balance between style and balance. Create your own today - 100% free.
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Quality Assurance

Made in the China from 100% polyester makes this item is durable and easy to maintain.

No Minimum Order

To ease the stress of buying in bulk, our No Minimum Order Quantity policy gives you the option to create a range without stocking your inventory.

All Over Print

To ensure this garment is a truly unique all-over print, giving you the largest print area to showcase your designs.

Our Custom Yoga Pants

The Leading Custom Yoga Pants Manufacturer

As a first-class womens custom yoga pants wholesale and custom wholesale yoga wear supplier and professional wholesale yoga pants maker, We are a custom made yoga pants wholesale manufacturer and custom yoga legging manufacturer with 16 years of experience, focusing on designing yoga pants and making custom branded yoga gear. the main products include straight pants, flared pants, men's yoga pants, women's yoga pants, etc. Years of experience have matured our custom-design yoga pants wholesale business supply chain.

We accept custom yoga clothing, custom yoga clothes, custom yoga apparel, OEM, and ODM services to make your own yoga pants, please send us your design, and we can make samples in 7-15 days to put your logo on yoga pants. Whether you are a wholesaler or a brand owner, we will help you grow your business quickly with high-quality products and perfect services.

Excellent design team, regularly release new products

Excellent samples to make your product stand out

OEKO-TEX Standard 100; Color Class 4 Fastem: Sourcing fabrics according to your requirements

Every product must go through 6 careful inspections from fabric material to packaging.

Accept picture proofing, physical proofing, design draft proofing

Flexible delivery time as fast as 7 days for samples

Own fabric factory, many fabrics, all kinds

MOQ is 200 PCS, professional after-sales guarantee

wholesale yoga clothes
yoga clothes wholesale
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Our Customization Capabilities

As one of the largest wholesale fitness apparel manufacturers in China Which provide professional customized yoga wear services, custom logo yoga pants,with its own factory covering more than 5,000 square meters, more than 100 employees, 5 professional designers, and more than 10 sales representatives, allowing you to easily expand or create your own wholesale fitness clothing brand.

Design Ideas for Custom Yoga Pants

Tie Dye

Over the years, tie-dye has become a somewhat classic style that can be played in many different patterns. Everything from neon reds and blues, from Harlem hippie pants to psychedelic color mixes, to the more modern minimalist Ibiza collection.

Tie-dye is a great style for designers to inspire your creativity as you can choose bold colors to your liking and thanks to the full print available on this product you can make real personality Transformed yoga pants and make your custom print yoga pants.

pink yoga pants 01
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Hollow Out

In recent years, hollow yoga pants have been sought after by more and more people. The cutout design can be more breathable while making the customizable yoga pants more layered.
For designers and consumers, hollowing out is a design with a high degree of freedom, which can give full play to their imagination. Freely choose colors, customize the area, size and method of hollowing out, and maximize personalization.
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Ways to Customize Yoga Pants

Fabric quality inspection

The appearance of the fabric is checked for damage, stains, weaving defects, color differences, etc.

Experienced R&D Department

All pattern makers and tailors have more than 10 years experience in wholesale fitness apparel manufacturing

100,000 pieces/month

Established in 2011, more than 20 years of wholesale fitness apparel manufacturing experience

6 inspections

Strict and efficient quality control at every step from raw materials to packaging


Custom Packaging

We can customize hang tags, UPC stickers and bags according to your requirements


Custom Logo

We own the entire supply chain and therefore have complete creative control over manufacturing. We can customize hang tags, logo, color and size.

Sample development capability

We have an experienced management team and strong sample development capabilities. In order to maintain the high quality of our products, we strictly follow relevant quality procedures and enforce national and industry regulations. All working processes from material, cutting, sewing, embroidery, printing, ironing to finished product and shipping are subject to strict quality control procedures to ensure that we can provide our customers with higher quality products.


Successful Sales Team

We have a very strong sales team who can communicate professionally and well with overseas customers in fluent English. We have advanced sewing machines, strong production capacity, strict product quality assurance, competitive price and fast delivery time. We can provide a full range of service relationships, including sourcing fabrics, developing samples, grading sizes, custom designs, colors, labels, UPC labels, hang tags, printed or embroidered logos, follow-up orders, shipping, and after-sales service.


Trusted by Customers Around the World

We have rich experience in exporting products to Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and other countries and regions. We sincerely welcome customers and friends from all over the world to visit our factory and cooperate with us on the basis of long-term mutual benefit.

Ship On Time

Meeting deadlines is important to us, so we take your order seriously to deliver on time.

Personalized Service

We not only guarantee the quality of our promotional products, but also the quality of our services. Assign each client a competent account manager for a seamless and great experience.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that your order will have the correct promotional product, and imprint and be delivered on time. If not satisfied, we will redo your order.

Custom Yoga Pants

Make your own personalized yoga pants and design your own yoga pants just the way you want using photos, patterns, and text.

Available in three lengths and two gorgeous lycra fabrics, these printed leggings are versatile and versatile, from activewear to everyday fashion. Fashion is for everyone, so they come in eight sizes, starting from XS-4XL, ensuring you look gorgeous no matter your body shape, and they make great personalized photo gifts too. If you want to design your own leggings for your brand, there is also the option to add your own custom labels online, perfect for showcasing your logo.

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straight yoga pants
straight leg yoga pants

Personalized size and style

Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL. Dimensions are approximate and may vary by woman. If you are not sure what size to buy, please measure yourself and refer to the table above. If the size is in the middle, we recommend that you go down to a smaller size. We also offer wire color options - black or white. This color choice refers only to outer stitches, not inner or overlock stitches. Plus size photo leggings are also suitable for tall ladies.

Choice of Fabric

Our fabric selection is based on features like skin-friendly, high elasticity, moisture wicking and more. After making the garment, you will feel the comfort of the garment, as well as the coolness and freshness of the movement. It can provide support. The composition of the fabric is generally polyester plus spandex, nylon plus spandex, etc. In terms of feel, there are fabrics like cotton, or very tight fabrics, or some high-stretch fabrics.

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Plus Size Yoga Pants Detalis

Design Custom Leggings For Everyone

A glimpse into your next best seller

Personalized Yoga Pants With ZHIHUI

Competitive Pricing

Printify guarantees the most competitive prices in the market for custom leggings, allowing businesses to maximize their profits.

Complimentary Design Software

If you want to bulk order custom yoga pants, you can take advantage of the Mockup Generator – a free and user-friendly design tool offered by Printify. It provides all the necessary features for creating fantastic designs in just a few minutes.

Complimentary Design Software

You can place an order for a single pair of custom yoga leggings, a small batch featuring your yoga studio's logo, or even a larger order of hundreds. No order is too small or too large for us to handle.

What We Offer?

We established ZHIHUI with the goal of offering valuable services, simplifying the ordering process, and providing eco-friendly options. Our company is committed to transparency in pricing and ethics, dedicated to creating positive outcomes.

We Don't Cookie Cut

Every project is distinct and demands its own approach. We tailor the inks and processes for each order based on the desired product.

Creative Concepts

ZHIHUI takes pride in being a prominent collaborator in the promotional products and fashion industry, bringing innovative ideas and employing unconventional printing methods.

We back our work with confidence.

Our primary objective is to offer you peace of mind, ensuring that your project will be executed precisely as you envisioned.

We Prioritize Quality Over Quantity In All Our Projects.

ZHIHUI places a strong emphasis on quality over quantity, encouraging our customers to share the same commitment to excellence.

Dedicated Reps

Each account is assigned a dedicated representative who can be contacted in person, over the phone, or via email.

Building Enduring Partnerships.

We appreciate our clients and strive to establish enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

Create Your Signature Style with Custom Yoga Pants from Fitness Tool

Welcome to Fitness Tool, your ultimate destination for personalized activewear. Explore our extensive range of custom yoga pants, designed to empower you to express your unique style. Whether you're a yoga enthusiast, fitness professional, or a brand owner looking for custom yoga pants wholesale, we have the perfect solution for you.

Unleash Your Brand Potential with Custom Yoga Pants Wholesale

As reputable custom yoga pants manufacturers, we take pride in offering high-quality products for wholesale needs. Elevate your brand with our premium custom yoga pants wholesale options. Our manufacturing expertise ensures that each pair is crafted to perfection, meeting the highest standards of comfort, style, and durability.

Personalize Every Detail – Custom Yoga Pants with Logo

Make a lasting impression with our custom yoga pants with logo. Showcase your brand identity and create a cohesive look for your team or customers. Our customization options extend beyond design to ensure a fit that aligns with your vision.

Express Yourself with Custom Printed Yoga Pants

Embrace creativity with our range of custom printed yoga pants. From vibrant patterns to subtle designs, our customization allows you to tailor your yoga pants to reflect your personality and style. Stand out on the mat with prints that speak volumes.

Customizable Yoga Pants – Tailored to Your Preferences

Discover the freedom of choice with our customizable yoga pants. Choose the fit, color, and design that resonate with your unique preferences. Fitness Tool is committed to offering you the flexibility to create activewear that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Make Your Own Yoga Pants – Design to Delight

With our "Make Your Own Yoga Pants" feature, you have the power to design activewear that is truly yours. From fabric selection to personalized details, our platform empowers you to bring your vision to life.

Whether you're looking for personalized yoga pants, customized yoga pants, or the opportunity to customize yoga pants for your brand, Fitness Tool is your trusted partner. Start designing your perfect pair today.

Custom Printed Yoga Pants

Elevate your brand with ZHIHUI Print's custom screen printing and embroidery services for yoga pants. These versatile pants have become a fashion favorite, suitable for exercise, leisure, and everyday activities. By incorporating your logo or artwork onto these pants, you can enhance brand visibility across diverse settings, fostering increased brand recognition and customer loyalty. Our commitment to delivering high-quality designs ensures that your custom yoga pants will maintain their vibrant appearance without fading or peeling over time. Trust us to provide comfortable, stylish, and durable custom yoga pants that will elevate your brand's image.

The Comprehensive Guide to Bulk Ordering Custom Yoga Pants

Creating a brand impact through custom yoga pants is a straightforward process. From selecting the optimal material and placing bulk orders to maximizing the benefits of your investment, explore our in-depth guide on crafting custom yoga pants.

Guidelines for Ordering and Cost Savings with Bulk Orders

Whether you're seeking a modest batch or a substantial quantity of custom yoga pants, there are crucial considerations for a seamless process and cost-effectiveness. Begin by clearly outlining your project to establish a budget and timeline. Collaborating with the manufacturer's recommendations can efficiently navigate these aspects.

Selecting the right material for your custom yoga pants can significantly impact both cost and performance. Consider the following materials:

Cotton – Lightweight and breathable, ideal for warmer weather. Nylon – Lightweight and suitable for creating form-fitting pieces. Performs well in all weather conditions, particularly in warmer temperatures. Spandex – Highly stretchable, making it suitable for various body shapes. Can be machine-washed and dried but may be less favorable in warmer weather. Polyester – Quick-drying and shape-retaining, perfect for physical activities in any weather condition.

Custom yoga pants offer various benefits from a branding perspective, contributing to business success and customer satisfaction. Here are some advantages to consider:

Comfort and Style – Enhance customer comfort and style, promoting top-of-mind awareness and fostering consumer loyalty.

Functionality – Provide functional activewear suitable for yoga and other sports, appealing to those leading active lifestyles.

Unique Designs – Differentiate your brand with distinctive prints and logos, ensuring visibility in crowded markets.

Versatility – From yoga sessions to running and other physical activities, custom yoga pants serve as versatile promotional items, encouraging both brand exposure and healthy living.

Custom yoga pants not only serve as a means of brand promotion but also demonstrate a commitment to customer well-being.

These pants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your brand but also provide a competitive edge, fostering customer loyalty and distinguishing your business from rivals.

Moreover, custom yoga pants offer the potential for a substantial return on investment (ROI). Studies indicate that businesses investing in promotional products experience long-term returns ranging from two to ten times the initial investment. With custom yoga pants, businesses can tap into this ROI potential with a modest initial investment, making them a lucrative choice.

Having explored the myriad benefits of ordering custom yoga pants, you are well-equipped to craft the perfect promotional apparel for your business. Keep these tips and resources in mind as you embark on creating custom yoga pants that effectively represent your brand.

Our process options

In terms of craftsmanship, we support various LOGO crafts, such as: thermal transfer, silk screen, pull printing, silicone, embroidery, laser, digital printing, etc., as well as some latest crafts, such as tie-dyeing, to make sportswear a higher level of fashion It also enhances the fashion of your brand.

custom yoga tight pants  Design


Fabric Pre

Fabric Pre







Quality Control&Packaging

Quality Control & Packaging

Our Client

Why choose us?

More than 16 years of professional experience

We have more than 16 years of professional experience in the yoga pants industry, which can improve the production and delivery efficiency of our partners.

Reliable and fast response

We are a leading manufacturer of yoga pants, and we can provide solutions quickly to ensure you get the products you need on time.

Flexible production line

Can shorten the lead time, can deliver on time or ahead of schedule.


Strict Quality Control

All yoga pants have undergone various tests and mass production, in order to ensure the quality and quality, each pair of yoga pants must be strictly inspected before they are ready to be shipped.


Quality inspection and quality control

We have an independent testing laboratory to test products and prevent defective products from entering the market.

Competitive factory price

We are the source manufacturer of yoga pants, we can offer the best price and the most stable production capacity.


Services we provide

How to Customize Yoga Pants?
Sample ordering process
Packaging and Logistics
Quality Commitment
How to Customize Yoga Pants?

We offer a variety of yoga pants styles to choose from, creating a wide variety of marketing items for your business. As an experienced fitness and sports products manufacturer and factory, we have been in the industry for more than 16 years and believe that we can provide professional customized and personalized services to meet your different needs.

Sample ordering process

Whether it is custom or wholesale, choosing and obtaining samples is the first part of doing business. As a leading yoga pants supplier, we can offer free wholesale samples. Customized samples, we need about 5-7 working days to make physical samples after confirming the sample order (the material of the samples is available in our stock). For customized samples of special materials, we need 7-15 working days.

Packaging and Logistics

The packaging of yoga pants is an important link in the transportation process, as a professional yoga pants factory, we constantly cooperate with the best logistics companies to transport your goods. Our goal is to ensure that you receive your booking in perfect condition.

Quality Commitment

Continuously improving quality is the core of our factory. We consistently provide good quality yoga pants products, we test the quality of our products before final delivery, and all our products can be tested according to customers' requirements.

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How Do We Make Your Custom Sportswear

No need to know much about the technical aspects of the sportswear production process that many startup owners or beginners may worry about the most.

We provide one-stop customized services that you need. All you need to do is simply send us your sketches, design files or reference samples. As your sportswear manufacturer, we guide you through every step from pattern-making to final production.

TPU thick label

TPU Thick Label

Tin foil label

Tin Foil Label

Tie-dye printed label

Tie-dye Printed Label

thick pattern label

Thick Pattern Label

Silicone reflective label

Silicone Reflective Label

Silicone label

Silicone Label

rose gold label

Rose Gold Label

mirror mark label

Mirror Mark Label

light label

Light Label

Glossy silicone label

Glossy Silicone Label

3M reflective label

3M Reflective Label

Jelly Silicone Label

Jelly Silicone Label


1.How to customize yoga pants?

Step 1: It is very important to find a professional custom yoga pants manufacturer.

Step 2: Describe the customization requirements of yoga pants in detail to ensure that the manufacturer does not misunderstand the customized style, quantity, price and budget range.

Step 3: Proofing confirmation. When the demand is finally communicated and confirmed, the yoga pants manufacturer can arrange professional proofing. Of course, there will be a proofing fee, but the two parties can negotiate and reach an agreement. This stage is the test of the manufacturer's customization ability.

Step 4: After the sample is satisfied, sign a mass production contract, and you can place an order for production.

2.What is the custom yoga pants item?

It Means OEM or ODM, customers can have their own personalized custom yoga pants, including the style, fabric and color, size, and brand they want; but custom business will have certain MOQ requirements and certain production delivery delivery time, etc.

3.What are the advantages of custom yoga pants?

Customized yoga pants can enhance the influence of your brand, in order for your marketing brand to get the best return, you need to personalize and provide continuous appeal to your brand, brand customization service can meet your marketing activities.

4.Once I have designed my custom yoga pants, can I order samples?

The answer is simple, yes! We actively promote our sample options to all merchants. Because we want you to feel the product and check the print quality of the design before adding it to your store to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the product.

5. Can I sell custom yoga pants without a minimum order quantity?

Our print-on-demand business model is designed to allow merchants to set up shop without paying a penny up front. This also means there is no minimum order quantity when ordering our print-on-demand yoga pants, in fact, you don't need to place any orders until you make your first sale.

6. Can customized yoga pants be double-sided?

Yes, personalized yoga pants are available with full body prints. This simply means that your design will be printed on the fabric and then cut to make sure it's a continuous design before sewing the fabric together.

7. How easy is it to maintain custom printed yoga pants?

It's easy! Because they are made of 100% polyester, they are machine washable and tumble dried.