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More and more people are practicing yoga pants now, and the number is increasing rapidly every year.

It's normal for yoga apparel sales to grow rapidly each year, but it's not just limited to the gym.

One of the recent fashion trends is yoga pants as outerwear. They're stylish and comfortable, and if you pick the right ones, they're super flattering.

But picking the wrong one can ruin your outfit. Whether you're going to brunch or the gym, you need to know how to wear yoga pants properly.

You have come to the right place! Read on for our few tips on how to wear yoga pants like a pro!

1. How to Wear Fit Yoga Pants

This should apply to all clothes. But yoga pants are more demanding when it comes to fit.

Yoga pants that are too tight can squeeze your hips and buttocks. And because of their material yoga pants are perfect for making muffin tops that you don't have.

Tighter yoga pants will also increase your chances of seeing the panty line. This spoils the chic streamlined look.

It could also mean that they are sitting lower than expected. To look flattering, your yoga pants need to sit high on your hips. But if they're not suitable for pulling up they'll have dreaded camel toes!

But you also don't want your yoga pants to be too baggy. Many retailers have yoga pants that fit slightly differently. Therefore, you may need to try a few different retailers before finding the best fit.

You may also want to try different styles of yoga pants. When asked "what are yoga pants", you probably think of skinny styles. But boot cuts and short yoga pants are also good options.

Style and fit can also affect your comfort. The beauty of yoga pants is that they are comfortable and stylish. But without the right fit, you can say goodbye to that comfort!

2. Avoid pure factors

Once your yoga pants fit, you may face another hurdle: sheer.

If your yoga pants are not thick enough, they will become transparent when stretched. You probably won't see this in your bedroom. But once you're in bright sunlight, people see everything.

So it's worth investing in decent materials. Replace them if they start to thin.

What's under your yoga pants can also affect their transparency. So choose carefully what to wear under tight yoga pants.

The basic rule is: wear a thong or seamless panties or even nothing at all. Going to the commando now might make you a little nervous. But it's better than having your underwear showing through the back of your yoga pants!

3. Pack your yoga pants together

Yoga pants are no longer just for the gym. Even a Montana representative did try to outlaw them from public use in 2015! In fact, athleisure is a growing industry.

Knowing what to wear with yoga pants can make or break your outfit.

If you are confident, opt for a tight top and an oversized jacket. A bomber or denim jacket can complement your yoga pants for an everyday look. But if you're not ready to go all-out tight, pair your pants with a tank top.

Don't ruin your outfit by wearing the wrong shoe in your yoga pants. Different styles work better with certain styles of shoes.

Boot-cut yoga pants work best with simple, understated shoes. Sneakers are fine as long as they are not too chunky. Or ballet flats that won't mess up the bottom of your pants.

In addition to sneakers, tight yoga pants look great with simple classic sandals. Remember, you don't want your shoes to draw attention from your tight yoga pants.

Tight yoga pants can also look great with boots. But always make sure to tuck your pants into the top of them. If the bottom of your pants gathers, it will disrupt the line of the leggings.

Short yoga pants are not as common as gym outerwear. But that doesn't mean they're not suitable for everyday wear!

Just like skinny yoga pants, these look great with sneakers, ballet flats, or sandals. If you wear boots with them, make sure the top of the boots extends over the leggings. You don't want to show an awkward leg!

4. Don't wear them to work

There should be no doubt. Yes, yoga pants look great during the day, but they're not for office wear.

The only time you should wear them around the office is when you hit the gym before or after work. They don't double as dress pants. You won't impress clients by showing up at meetings.

The laid-back, preppy look is more suited to the office.

5. Play with prints

You can spend hours looking at different yoga pants prints. There are also some bold choices.

It might be tempting to stick with a more traditional black or navy blue. These are definitely safer options when you dip your toes in the pool of yoga pants.

But don't let the bold print put you off. Find a color or pattern you like. And think carefully about how to pair them with other items in your wardrobe.

Remember, if you opt for bold legs - keep the top color simpler. You don't want to overwhelm anyone with your clothes.

Sometimes print is more flattering than one color. Yoga pants with mesh panels or changing leg patterns are perfect for your body type.

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