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Without a doubt, being comfortable is your number one priority in your yoga class. Yoga requires flexibility in your body and is very demanding on clothes. Whether you're a beginner or a professional yogi, there's one thing you should always keep an eye on - your yoga pants. Choosing the wrong yoga pants can hinder your flexibility and make you feel uncomfortable during your yoga practice.

The history of harem yoga pants

Modern harem pants are associated with laid-back living and casual culture; comfortable fit and free-spirited style.
They're so ingrained in a Western fashion that it's easy to forget that harem pants have been around for centuries -- in several different places around the world.
The flowy hippie style of the 1960s and 1970s was undoubtedly inspired by Poiret's signature designs. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that harem pants finally got the recognition they deserved. The humble harem pants were best known for rapper MC Hammer, whose crimson sparkly pants paired with a bold yellow cropped jacket went down in history as one of the music industry's most memorable outfits

Yoga Harem Pants Best for Yoga


1. The Perfect Length and Style of Yoga

The biggest difference between harem pants and other yoga pants is their length and style. The harem yoga pants are mainly cropped and full-length, you can easily choose according to your personal preference. Plus the harem pants are looser, which means they don't fit snugly against the body, and the material is super soft to keep you comfortable throughout your yoga practice. Third, they close around the ankle and are a tethered design that ensures they don't move when you lift your legs into the air! This means that you can effortlessly put on the pants and complete the entire exercise without any hindrance from your clothing.

2. Comfortable and breathable material

Harem pants are usually made from a breathable, soft fabric to ensure your pants don't rub around your skin and cause irritation or rashes. At fitness-tool, our yoga pants are made from 100% lightweight cotton or bamboo rayon, known for their soft touch and naturally smooth feel. All materials used are highly breathable and therefore sweat-free. Our pants are designed to not stick to your skin and stay loose and flowy throughout your yoga practice to ensure you are comfortable at all times. With harem pants, you can stretch as much as you want while keeping your body relaxed and comfortable.

3. Perfect for many body types

Thanks to the loose design and wide elastic at the waist, the yoga harem pants are suitable for any body type and shape, whether skinny, slim or slightly overweight as well as plus size. They have significant stretch and fit, making it easier for you and your yoga instructor to monitor your posture well. Fitted so well, these yoga pants can accommodate both easy and rigorous yoga poses. Their fitted design is more comfortable than comparable yoga clothes like leggings or leggings.

4. Cheaper and more durable than yoga leggings

The harem pants are more durable than other yoga leggings and pants due to their loose fit and the highest quality materials. At the same time, you don't necessarily have to spend more on harem pants; they're usually just as affordable as branded leggings. At fitness-tool, we strive to provide affordable Chinese yoga pants in different prints, styles, and colors. We hope the range of styles at different prices means most people can find the perfect yoga wear.


The most popular yoga harem pants



Yoga is a way of life that has a positive impact on every aspect of your life. Proper clothing is crucial to a yoga session. If you fully consider the above points when choosing yoga pants, I believe you will be able to choose the right yoga pants.

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