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As a one-stop service Yoga Pants with Pockets Supplier, we customize yoga pants wholesale price for you. If you’re looking for custom tights for your yoga clothing brand, we’re here to help and bring your ideas to life. Made of moisture-wicking material, these pocketed yoga pants have excellent sweat-wicking and drying capabilities, helping to remove body moisture and keep you cool for long periods of time, even when you’re sweating profusely. It is very popular in many C-side platforms, and we provide customized and wholesale services. China’s leading custom yoga pants manufacturer.

We are the best of yoga clothing wholesale suppliers in USA, UK, Australia, Canada. We even worked with the design and R&D team to create a unique line of wholesale fitness leggings that allow the wearer to work out efficiently. Therefore, business owners who want to provide satisfying fitness apparel to valuable customers can browse to invest. At the same time we have a large collection of custom sports leggings for business owners in GF. If you’re looking for workout leggings, be sure to check out the leggings wholesale manufacturer’s line of workout apparel. Our catalog includes fashion leggings, which includes gym leggings, leggings and printed leggings, even seamless leggings. Each custom workout legging is designed with the best fabrics and performance features to help customers feel their best and at ease during their workouts. If you want to surprise your clients with the best gym leggings, send an email to Fitness-tool’s help team about your custom workout apparel needs. We also have sample leggings in our catalog for your perusal. If you haven’t found something from our collection that’s right for you, or want to pick one of your choices based on our advice, our custom team is here to design special leggings for your brand’s needs.

  • Features: Breathable, Moisture-Wicking, Quick-Dry, Comfortable, Light weight
  • Application: Yoga, Gym & Fitness, Jogging
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Payment: T/T, Paypal, Trade Assurance
  • Logo: Customized Logo Printing
  • Model No.: zh006
  • Color: Custom color acctpted
  • Season: All season
  • Sample: Can be provided
  • Occasion: Athletic leisure sports
  • Fit Type: Skinny - Sexy Yoga Pants Body Shaper Tights. The design gently presses your hips to increase volume
  • Elasticity: High Elasticity - A stretchy, flexible and comfortable material that provides support and comfort.
  • Waist: High Waist - A high waist style with a unique tummy tuck
  • Design: Side Pockets - It has two side pockets to store your phone, easy to carry around. No need to worry about where to put your phone while exercising. Innovative and stylish, these pants are designed for today's busy multitasking woman.
  • Function: TURNING UP - These high-waisted slim fit leggings provide gentle compression on your midsection for a fitter look. Designed for a perfect fit and soft comfort. The wide belt gives you abdominal support and makes you look slimmer than you think. , butt lift - high waist butt lift push up leggings. Make your curves pop with our amazing Scrunch Booty!
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    Wholesale Workout Sport Gym High Waist Fitness Leggings Custom Women Yoga Pants With Pockets

    Made of the highest-quality fabric (80% Nylon+20% Spandex) with special sewing craft and multiple stitches, buttery soft and privacy secured----perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or daily use.

    No more worry about the underclothes privacy when doing squats, bending, ing, or stretching. Enjoy great freedom of movement.

    Gym leggings wholesale women's high waist yoga pants with side pockets help to do exercise safely and freely. Two side pockets easily put your phone, storage card, key, or cash. No more worry about your belongings during workouts.

    Triangular file design: Three-dimensional cutting, in line with human body posture, does not drop files.

    Widened and high waist design: Better wrap the abdomen, modify the body shape to fit the anti-roll edge, and protect the waist muscles during exercise.

    We are a professional yoga pants factory in China. With more than 10 years of experience, we are able to provide you with professional advice about fabric, printing, etc. We also can provide OEM/ODM services. Welcome to contact us.

    Low MOQ Offered. 100pcs

    Lead Time Is Stable And Fast

    OEM and ODM Orders are Welcome

    yoga pants with side pockets
    tight yoga pants with pocket fabric

    Tight Yoga Pants With Pockets Details

    New tailoring process: The new one-piece tailoring process, no embarrassing worries, let you devote yourself to the practice.

    Peach buttocks dividing line: Highlight sexy buttocks, elongate the legs, round and plump without pressing the buttocks. Standard female body hip line, follow the golden distribution of charm, easy and unfettered.

    Foot: Good fabrics make the foot mouth feel cloudy, subtly enhance the cloud feeling experience of sports.

    Side pockets: Can be included in your personal items, easy to store, convenient and practical.

    yoga pants
    yoga leggings
    women yoga pants with pocket

    Wholesale Advantage Of High Waist Leggings With Pockets

    Fitness leggings with a pocket high waist and super tummy tuck for optimum comfort.
    Bootleg pants feature moisture-wicking fabrics and quick-drying innovations to keep you cool while remaining comfortable.
    Anti-friction, avoid pilling!
    Four-way stretch fabric, do whatever you want;
    Wear tested by our in-house team to ensure a perfect fit;
    Made of soft nylon spandex material;
    The device can be washed with 4 levels of color fastness.

    1. Leggings with pockets from our factory fit well

    Gym yoga leggings -- also known as "leggings" in some cases -- are a great option when prepping for a fitness center. Make sure the leggings fit your hips and decide to use a high waistline for extra help. When it comes actually to find the perfect fit, there are a variety of other attributes to consider that can improve your lifestyle. If you prefer to carry your phone to work, look for leggings with integrated side pockets.

    If you run outdoors at night, look for leggings with reflective red stripes. Our wholesale yoga pants with pockets can be customized with reflective red stripes. There's always one in our wholesale yoga pants to suit your needs, whether you need pockets or not.

    2. Gym Trousers With Pockets Factory Wholesale Material Feel Good.

    Not all leggings are produced the same, the biggest difference in top quality is in the textiles. Elastane, also known as spandex or lycra, is just one of the most common products used to make leggings. Our China yoga tights factory with pockets can customize any material you like for your product.

    Elastane is durable and stretchy - 2 features you definitely want in a solid set of athletic tights.

    Some groups have blocked man-made products in favor of textiles made from natural items such as cotton, bamboo and wool. These products are really comfortable but have a limited ability to absorb sweat.

    When purchasing china yoga leggings with pockets, distinguish and write down the material information, and choose the suitable ladies running leggings with pockets factory wholesale according to your own needs.

    3. Leggings with properly functioning pockets

    The best china tight woman jogging pants yoga pants factory wholesale can help you make the most of your time at the health club, so make sure you choose the tights that match the type of fitness you're doing. Below is a reference to some commonly used exercise programs.

    Running/Cardio: Stretch leggings are needed for high-intensity workouts, which can provide you with motivation. If you're running or biking outdoors, you may want leggings with small pockets for fun.

    Stretching: Resting, flexing, and stretching indicate that you need extra stretch tights. Stay away from tights with straps or zippers, as they can push annoyingly into your body if you lie on your stomach, sides, or back.

    Weightlifting: Squats, weightlifting, and lunges are sure to put your leggings to the test. Considering you spend most of your time exercising in front of the mirror, choosing a pair of better-looking sweatpants isn't embarrassing!

    High-waisted leggings with pockets and a belted waist are best for practical exercises that switch between weightlifting and cardio.

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    Size Chart

    Size 4 6 8 10 12
    Length 84 86 88 89.5 91
    Waistline 53 57 61 65 69
    Hip 70 74 78 82 86
    yoga pants women
    tight yoga pants
    yoga leggings
    women yoga pants

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    Various Colors:

    light purple gray

    Light Purple Gray









    How Do We Make Your Custom Sportswear:

    No need to know much about the technical aspects of the sportswear production process that many startup owners or beginners may worry about the most.

    We provide one-stop customized services that you need. All you need to do is simply send us your sketches, design files or reference samples. As your sportswear manufacturer, we guide you through every step from pattern-making to final production.

    TPU thick label

    TPU Thick Label

    Tin foil label

    Tin Foil Label

    Tie-dye printed label

    Tie-dye Printed Label

    thick pattern label

    Thick Pattern Label

    Silicone reflective label

    Silicone Reflective Label

    Silicone label

    Silicone Label

    rose gold label

    Rose Gold Label

    mirror mark label

    Mirror Mark Label

    light label

    Light Label

    Glossy silicone label

    Glossy Silicone Label

    3M reflective label

    3M Reflective Label

    Jelly Silicone Label

    Jelly Silicone Label

    What You Can Get From Our Yoga Pants Factory?

    We are China's first "Worry-Free Production" solution provider in the field of wholesale yoga clothing manufacturing.
    Stable quality: 5 quality inspections in the production process;
    Control your "delivery date"! Provides you with 3 progress reports for 3 different production stages;
    BSCI certified factory: accept Hanes, GymShark, NewBalance, etc.
    . Machine sizes range from 12" to 20", from children's size to enlarged size: easily produce a variety of sizes;
    A 100% patient listener: give us a rough idea, let us communicate its possibilities, and make it a reality!
    1-day feedback: feedback will be received within 1 day after the request is made, and there are no holidays for 365 days;
    Rich product inventory, it is convenient for you to print your own private labels, customize existing types, and the minimum order quantity is 1~50 units!

    China Yoga Leggings With Pockets Factory

    Wholesale leggings with pockets. Considering that the fashion and functionality of the product complement each other, we not only focus on designing a beautiful appearance but also on how the product supports the wearer and brings the most comfortable feeling to the wearer. Thanks to our advanced yarns and fabrics, each of our leggings is qualified for a soft touch, smooth, stretchy, breathable, moisture wicking, and antibacterial.

    We combine design, pattern making, material and sample development, manufacturing, management, and one high-quality complete package, ensuring that all products are realized in the most efficient process. That is, we will develop materials and samples flexibly, manufacture quickly, and at the same time control the quality in the most stable state according to the set delivery time. If you're just getting started with your product, let our experts help you choose the best materials for a beautiful design suitable for industrial manufacturing. In addition, we have a wider selection of women's leggings, from plain leggings to printed leggings, basics to high-waisted leggings, stitched or seamless are free under your brand Use some of our designs.

    If you are looking for a trusted wholesale manufacturer and supplier of women's leggings and wonder if we can manufacture it for you, please come and see how we manage our international standardized factory with plenty of modern machines and an experienced workforce, you will rest assured. Wholesale leggings with pockets. We apply lean manufacturing processes to our systems to ensure that all products are produced exactly as expected at the right time.



    We are a professional manufacturer of Yoga Wear. We have many years of experience in custom and wholesale service. We are committed to producing a wide assortment of comfortable and fashionable sports clothes.


    Small quantity yoga pants manufacturer The wholesale factory 


    We can provide the service about custom service, or wholesale for your business. 


    You can find all that you want about yoga pants here. 


    We cooperate with the shipping company and we also use air transfer,ensure timely delivery. 

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  • 1. What are leggings with pockets called?

    Leggings with pockets are called ‘functional pocketed pants‘. They feature side pockets deep enough to store your phone, wallet, keys and snacks, as well as small slits around the waistband, which can hold smaller and flatter items.

    2. Do any leggings have pockets?

    Some styles have discreet storage compartments built into the waistband to avoid bulkiness, while others feature roomy thigh pockets. Some have just one pocket, and some have multiple. But don’t worry, these leggings look nothing like cargo pants.

    3. Are leggings and yoga pants the same thing?

    Yoga pants are a general term for opaque, thicker material, stretchy, sweat-wicking bottoms that can be used for athletics like running, pilates, gym workouts, or of course, yoga. Leggings, on the other hand, are typically designed to wear under your clothes for warmth or comfort.

    4. We want to do leggings with pockets wholesale, what is the benefit to our customers?

    low price range
    Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of buying wholesale in bulk is that it will be easier on your budget. We have a strong factory, an independent design team, and sufficient warehouses. Because we choose mass production, our cost is reduced and the price is very advantageous.

    Small MOQ

    Usually our MOQ is 1-2 pieces wholesale. You also don’t need to stock up on too many items, which can reduce your financial stress. Flexibility to buy what you need.

    Variety of product styles

    Another amazing benefit of buying wholesale is the opportunity to find a wide variety of items in the same location. In some cases, the categories of products you need to buy are similar and you don’t need to browse multiple different places to find them. This is very beneficial for your business.

    You can easily earn more money thanks to the lower prices of many wholesale leggings with pockets. In addition to saving money, you can also save time and effort when looking for a variety of products between different suppliers.

    Save time and effort

    If you only buy what you need at a time, you have to keep returning for more. Time is as important as money, and you can waste time on your way in and out of the store. On the other hand, wholesale buying allows you to store and store the items you need in bulk. Not only will this help you save money, but it will also save you the time and energy you spend running. Plus, you can avoid all the stress of running out of product.

    Quality you can trust

    Wholesalers not only offer their customers the most affordable prices, but also focus on delivering high quality. When you order from a wholesale business, you can rely on the fact that most items come directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, the difference in quality level can be seen immediately.

    How Do We Make Your Custom Sportswear:

    No need to know much about the technical aspects of the sportswear production process that many startup owners or beginners may worry about the most.

    We provide one-stop customized services that you need. All you need to do is simply send us your sketches, design files or reference samples. As your sportswear manufacturer, we guide you through every step from pattern-making to final production.


    We accept PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal or Bank Wire, the transaction fee is $20 via Bank Wire and 4.5% of the total amount paid via Paypal or Credit Card via Paypal. If you are purchasing a larger amount, we recommend that you use a bank wire transfer to save on payment transaction fees. We also accept RMB WeChat Pay and Alipay (no transaction fee)

    Customized yoga tights are pre-ordered, and will be produced according to your requirements after you place an order. The production time is generally about 3-7 days. After it is made, we will send it to you, we offer two shipping services, postal and express.

    Express service (DHL/FedEx/UPS) is safe and fast, and the average transit time is about 7-10 days.
    Postal shipping services for small packages are cheaper, with an average transit time of about 8-20 days.
    The shipping time is for reference only and does not guarantee the time limit. These shipping methods can be tracked online, and we will provide the tracking number so that you can check the status at any time.

    Custom Printed Yoga LeggingsCustom Printed Yoga Leggings

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